Friday, 17 June 2016

american idol 2016 winner trent harmon

american idol 2016 winner trent harmon, was a shame  to see the show finish for good, but probably not a bad thing for trent harmon as he has the unique honour of being the  last winner of the american idol singing contest and so is unique in that regard  and will probably help safeguard his future career.

whereas some of the other seasons winners  in shows like american idol and the  other singing contests like the voice and x factor get forgotten as the new seasons of shows roll in and new winners are created and made some of the old stars from years gone  by are lost and forgotten, just because of time and  the focus on the new season and/or winner.

well this at least cannot happen to trent harmon with him being the  last and final winner this with american idol 2016 being the last ever trent harmon is kind of on the top of the heap when it comes to most of his contemparies in the talent and singing contest world.

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