Tuesday, 28 July 2015

american idol 2016 auditions bBooth's Video Recording Kiosks hollywood to local towns and cities

the american idol 2016 auditions have partnered with bBooth's Video Recording Kiosks to bring hollywood style recording studios to local towns and cities these are going to be mostly mall based so this is going to give people another chance to auditions for american idol xv if you cannot make it to the open call auditions or missed out on the bus tour auditions rounds that have already finished.

so there are only a few of the open auditions round dates left and for a lot of people it might be too far a distance to be able to travel to one of the open call auditions rounds, and you might have missed the bus (tour) figuratively speaking and so are left with a few options though still, there is the option to do a video submission audition to the american idol 2016 website, but what you could also look out for is to see if one of these bbooths video audition recording studios is in a town or city near you, probably they will be at a large mall near where you live or a big city near where you live.

so far i cannot find anything on the full dating and locations where these american idol 2016 bBooth's auditions studios are going to be located or the venues, as this has just been announced by american idol that they will be giving people a chance to try out via shopping malls etc.

the only date and venue i have found is on the bBooth's website and they have there first auditions date of august the 15th at culver city, ca.

so keep a check on details, check there website as well because it says new/more dates to be announced for where the bBooth's will be visiting over the next few months.

well it is the last season of american idol in 2016 and with a start date of january they will need to get cramming the auditions rounds in soon enough so there will probably be a few chances for you to either audition with the open call rounds, or also if they are too far away you might be able to attend a bBooth's and try out that way, the bus tour rounds have already finished though, but there is still the option to do a online videos submission through the american idol 2016 application form process.


  1. the dates they have them booths running will probably be through august and september!.

  2. excellent thanks.

  3. off topic, have you noticed how the lovely jennifer lopez hardly ages?, okay well it was not fully off topic, was about american idol.

  4. Anyone know when American Idol 2016 is back on uk tv next year itv 2???. or, will itv2 have american idol 2016???.

    1. should have started with the start of the new series of american idol in january, unless itv2 is not broadcasting the series straight away which is possible?.

  5. I don't understand were is it so I can audition