Tuesday, 12 May 2015

American Idol Auditions End In 2016 With Season 15 Judges Return For Last Series

The american idol will have its last season and auditions in 2016 which will be the 15th season of american idol, the current judging line up of jennifer lopez, harry connick jnr and keith urban will all return for the final series of american idol 2016.

This has all been officially announced by fox tv, the last season is going to be staged as a kind of celebratory event, fox has said, which will be giving tribute to former contestants, winners and fans, but, does this mean that there will not be auditions for the general public to apply to i wonder?.

Fox has said that "the final season" will celebrate the shows history, and will premiere in january 2016, so that would give open call auditions a start at some time this year, so this is what i am looking for at the moment the start dates and other open call auditions information, well looks like there is nothing just yet.

It all kind of looks to be up in the air on just what the format will be for the final series of american idol 2016 next year, with fox announcing that there will be some kind of all star format to the final season of american idol, so this is confusing because it does not tell us what is happening regarding the open call auditions rounds, and if the registration/application process will be the same for next year, what we do know is that if there is going to be auditions this year then they will be starting soon, probably june or july, so it should not be long until we find out what is going on.

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