Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nothing yet on the american idol 2016 auditions start dates or locations cities

just been looking under google news tab and still nothing in yet on the american idol 2016 auditions start dates or locations and cities etc, just what is coming up in the search is news about american elections in 2016, what i want to find out is when the audition details were released last year.

then that will give me a idea of when they will be released this year, because they follow around the same schedule each year, when posting up the audition details like start dates and the locations each year.

best i can work out from last year was the auditions were announced in may to june time, but not a 100% sure on exactly when, this year the 2015 series season 14 final is on wednesday may the 13th at 8pm.

so it should be not long after that date that we start to find out when the new auditions for the american idol will be starting again.


  1. cant wait if they DO come back in 2016

    1. For Sure, No Way They Not Back In 2016!!!!!!!!!!

    2. yes, just reading last series will be 2016 fox is cancelling the american idol after the 2016 season :(

    3. 2016 american idol was not the problem, they have said they are doing that, but there will not be a american idol 2017, fox has announced today that the shows last season will be 2016.