Monday, 23 March 2015

can talent scouts/agencies get you to american idol auditions also?

Still the all round way to try out is through the cattle call auditions, but there are some other options like using talent scouts/agencies as another way to try out for the american idol, i know for this years show that talent scouts and talent agencies were used, but this is a slim chance at going about things because most of us do not know any talent scouts.

But if you do know any good talent scouts/agencies then it could be worth checking if they have dealings with the american idol auditions, as another way of trying out for the auditions when they start up again later this year.

But that does not mean to not also do the cattle call auditions, because for the most part that is the main way most people get to the live shows of american idol each year, through those first stages and early rounds of auditioning in the big cities and venues, because unless you are a already established singer, on the club music scene then the chances of actually being seen or found by a talent scout is close to zero.

This was just a idea for anyone who knows any big talent scouts agencies to ask them if they can put you through to any american idol auditions, some people get found by talent scouts that work for american idol but these singers are usually pretty well established in some way and that is why the talent scouts can find them or know about them.

For the most part though the only way through the audition rounds to the live shows for the vast majority of us, is to start out at one of the cattle call auditions each year.

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