Thursday, 30 October 2014

will there be american idol 2016 auditions? yes!

will there be american idol 2016 auditions? yes!, why, because it is really fox tv's only real singing contest.

so that was the quick answer above, because i do not see it to be in any doubt really, yes they axed the x factor usa, but that was partly because it never really got started, the x factor usa got 3 seasons in total and never got the viewing figures fox wanted.

whereas the american idol is well established and has a decent following, plus fox needs at least one main talent show on its roster, if they axed the american idol what could they replace it with, they have nothing to replace the show with.

to me the american idol is going to be around for quite a few years yet, and also it remains quite popular as well, so all in all, it does not look to be going the way of the x factor usa.

the problem as well for the x factor usa was it had to compete in a way with the american idol, and people would get bored by then, after watching the x factor for months then they would be watching the american idol straight after at the start at the new year, so it would be talent show singing contest overload.

now that the x factor finished it will make the american idol more unique and fresh for the viewers on fox, just once a year and not on a loop following the x factor and vice versa so it all works in that regard the get the american idol more popular again as well.


  1. A list of dates and cities for auditions held IN 2015 for the next season would be great! Thanks ;)

  2. list of cities for 2016 season please :)

  3. list of cities for 2016 season please :)

  4. DATES Would be nice, NO chance just yet though, about 1 month after final finishes!.