Thursday, 17 July 2014

how to audition for american idol 2016

got some time to practice on how to audition for american idol 2016, so been having a look about for any useful information to try and find some ways to make what can be like a daunting process trying out for a talent show, and to try and make it easier and also ways to improve my performance and presence when applying and going to the american idol auditions.

i have found there are lots of useful videos online and lots of good websites with information and advice on what to doing when entering singing competitions, and how to make the process as enjoyable as possible, with american idol auditions you need to be prepared as well, because those judges sometimes to me seem to be a bit unforgiving, year they act nice, but a no is still a no, no matter how they try and sugar coat and wrap it up to you, even the producers of american idol as well, because in the first stage auditions you will be before the producers of american idol with there no's, so at least try and find some ways to make everything easier.

they don't care, because you might have had to travel long distance to the city or locations that the audition is taking place at, and it will probably be in a big daunting venue like a american football stadium, but you get there and you are basically at what is called a cattle call auditions, so best thing is to be prepared and make things easy for yourself, with efficient practice and rehearsals of the songs you are going to be singing, here are some ideas from youtube there are lots of good audition practice and advice videos all over the internet.

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